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GTU-Alert Emergency Notification System


The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008 requires that all institutions of higher education provide an emergency notification and warning system to alert their campus community in case of an emergency.

Since the member schools of the GTU-Consortium share most of our facilities and other resources with each other, it was decided that the most efficient way to provide this service is through contracting with E2Campus, a leading provider of emergency alert systems, to provide a single shared system for all of our member schools.

This system, called GTU-ALERT is available to all faculty, staff and students as an opt-in system.  It will be used to provide alerts in the event an immediate and life threatening event or other critical situation that affects all of our campuses.  Alerts can be sent out utilizing SMS Text Messaging, email and voice messages, as deemed necessary.

In order to participate in this system, you will need to sign up at:

Accounts on GTU-ALERT will remain active as long as your current contact information is in the system, unless you choose to log in and delete your account.  Twice yearly tests will be sent to all subscribers.  In the event that your account information is incorrect we will remove you from the system.

If you need assistance in signing up or configuring your GTU-Alert account, please contact Consortial IT Service (CITS) staff at