Wireless Networks Acceptable Use

Wireless Networks Acceptable Use

The following document outlines guidelines for use of the wireless access services provided by GTU-Consortium member schools and managed by Consortial IT Services (CITS). The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that all wireless internet use is conducted in an ethical and lawful manner.

Wireless internet access is provided to further the academic mission of the member schools and must be used in accordance with the following guidelines.

Individual network use will not interfere with others’ use and enjoyment of the wireless networks and will not violate the policies of any network accessed through them.

Network use will comply with all Federal and State laws, all school policies, and applicable contracts. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Any use of the network for illegal or unlawful purposes, including copyright infringement, peer to peer file sharing, obscenity, libel, slander, fraud, defamation, plagiarism, harassment, intimidation, forgery, impersonation, gambling, soliciting for pyramid schemes, and computer tampering is strictly prohibited. In addition, users are not allowed to install or run programs which reveal weaknesses in the security of any computer system, whether local or remote.

2. Computing resources may not be used in any way that violates school policies, rules, or administrative orders.

3. Use of the wireless networks for mass unsolicited mailings, access for non-affiliates, commercial activity, and the dissemination of chain letters is prohibited.

4. All attempts to obtain network access keys (WEP/WAP keys) that are not distributed to end users are strictly prohibited. In addition, users must not attempt to gain access to the internal networks of any member school via the wireless networks.

5. Each user is responsible for safeguarding their own personal computer from malware (viruses, worms, spyware, etc.). You are strongly encouraged to employ antivirus, firewalls and antispyware programs on your systems.

6. Staff and faculty using the wireless networks with a school provided computer must be conscious of the insecure nature of these networks and must not use them to access confidential data.

Users are requested to report any observed weaknesses in computer security or incidents of possible misuse or violation of this agreement to the proper authorities by contacting CITS at 510-849-8204 or via e-mail to techsupport@psr.edu.

The network systems and services managed by CITS are owned by the member schools. Because of this, CITS reserves the right to monitor traffic on all managed wireless networks.

If CITS discovers, or has good reason to suspect, activities that do not comply with applicable laws or policies, wireless traffic may be monitored and used to document the activity in accordance with due process.

Failure to Comply

CITS reserves the right to suspend wireless network access to any user at any time. A decision to rescind access does not require proof of abuse or misconduct from CITS.

It is understood that CITS will update this policy periodically.